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Residential Fences

Residential fencing has to strike a balance between ‘needs’ and ‘wants’.

Choosing the right fence for you can be overwhelming without the right advice to help you to strike a balance between your needs, wants, and your budget!

There are many construction materials and styles to choose from ranging from the most practical to more creative solutions. We can help you to understand the pros and cons of your fencing options relating to the costs involved.

Types of Residential Fencing

Simple Wooden Style

Good for those on a strict budget

Simple mesh

Good for keeping the furry members of the family where they should be

Coloursteel Panels

Powder coated, maintenance free, durability , choice of colours

Aluminium Custom Built Railings

Colour match to the joinery of your home’

We can also combine fencing with retaining walls and have a range of gate options to choose from including off the shelf, custom made or state of the art automatic gates using brushless technology. … an open and shut case!

We like to carry out a site visit so that we have all the information needed to provide you with an accurate quote. We need to see your situation in order to ascertain if ground prep work will be involved, what the access to the site is like, if any old fencing needs to be taken down and removed, if there are any trees or shrubs in the way and the potential affects that the contour of the land might have on the style of your fence. We also like to get an idea of what is under the ground; things like utilities and rocks!


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