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We can provide security fencing for different levels of security including high-security fencing which comes either as mesh panel fencing (small apertures to prevent any potential intruders from being able to climb the fence), or ‘W’ high-security palisade fencing with pointed spikes.

When choosing the type of security fencing to suit your needs, you should also consider extra security options like barbed wire, electric pulse fencing. These will provide additional protection against intruders, giving you greater peace of mind.

Another important consideration is whether you need a security gate. Options include: Automatic metal security gate, Manual security gate, and Heavy-duty padlocked gate. It’s also wise to consider the length of time you need the security fence to service your needs.

There are many construction materials and styles to choose from ranging from the most practical to more creative solutions. We can help you to understand the pros and cons of your fencing options relating to the costs involved.

Below are some security fencing options in order of strength of security…

Temporary fence panels

Temporary fence panels are quick to erect and dismantle, sturdy and safe and good for deterrence rather than high security. Best used for event crowd control or around building sites where security is less at risk. They are cost effective if you are on a budget or need something for a shorter space of time.

Action Fencing hires out temporary fence panels on a metre rate – the more you hire the better the rate.

Chain Link Fence

Security is the singular purpose of this type of fixed, steel mesh fencing. It isn’t very attractive but the allure isn’t in its looks! This type of fencing is there to do a job.

Strong posts set deeply in concrete to which wire fencing is attached and tensioned that is difficult to cut through or climb over make it the ‘go-to’ type of fencing to keep your premises secure. If you want to let people know you are serious about keeping them out, extensions can be added to the top of the posts to support barbed wire. They can also be electrified and gate options added such as automated gates.

Palisade Fencing

Palisade fencing can be just as effective as chain link fence outfitted with barbed wire but a little prettier. It consists of vertical steel posts with a pointed tip that is nearly impossible to climb over. It is more expensive than chain link, but it can be quite attractive. Ornate wrought iron fences can be built in this style, bridging the gap between robustness and elegance.

Like chain link fencing, installation requires the skills and tools of a specialist.

Most fences can be climbed over with some effort but your security fence should look ‘mean’ enough to slow down an intruder or to make them look elsewhere because the effort would be too great.


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